12 August 2012

Choo-Choo Trolley

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!! Croix and I went to the Wheaton Regional Park to ride the Carousel and Trolley Train. It was really cute, and its a great park overall. I really appreciate family friendly things and this WHOLE park was definitely constructed around that. I might have to look into this park for Croix's second birthday party (hint, hint). We started out on the carousel and that was really fun. Now remember this is my first child so I haven't been on something that just spins you in a circle in YEARS, so it made me kind of dizzy. Thank god they didn't go too fast. Croix and I rode in one of the buggie seats.

Croix was looking like "What in the world is this place" lol, but after one circle around he was excited.

We then made our way over to the Trolley Train. Croix being the personable person he is already made two friends and shared his cracker with one of the little boys in line. Its so funny that there is this universal language between moms. While waiting for the train, another mother and I started talking about nap times, baby snacks, diapers, first words....lol. It was great conversation. Mommy-hood is so damn fun :)

Croix REALLY loved the Trolley. The only thing that almost made me want to jump off the train was on trail where two deers chilling eating leaves. Any anyone that knows me KNOWS I CAN'T STAND DEERS!!!! All stems back to an old college memory, that I REFUSE to relive.....So moving on....lol.....it was a beautiful trail.

When we got off the Trolley we headed over to the park area that was SOOOOOOO nice, When I say this park was nice, this park was NICE!!!!! They had this huge area for the older kids that had huge slides, climbing stations, and swings that looked like roller coaster rides. The baby/toddler section had everything in a tiny version, it even had a sand pit for the kids to play in. I wasn't ready for that one, so I didn't let Croix play in there. Didn't want sand all up in the car, lol. He did get on his favorite thing in the park. Isn't he cute? :)

I love moments like this. The smile on his face just brightens my whole world. I love this little boy so much. It was a great adventure on a beautiful day :)

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