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Hi Everyone!!! Thanks for reading my blog. I started this blog in honor of our 1 anniversary of life and motherhood. And if you have gotten this far into it, YAAAAAAYYYY you really want to know us, sooooooooooooo.......here goes.

Short Version:
I am originally from Chicago, IL living and working in Washington, DC. I am a Graphic Designer who loves red wine, Dunkin Donuts coffee, shoes, oversized bags, Pinterest and last but not least my handsome son Croix. He is my blessing, my world, my best friend, my life!!! He is the funniest BIG little boy and we have so much fun together. So much fun that I wanted to share our love with the Universe....well the world.....ok well with those that want to read about it....lol.

Long Version:
And now for the curious people / potential stalkers.....lol......"SHE WAS RAAAIIISSEDDD IN ILLINOIS...RIGHT OUT SIDE OF CHICAGOOOOO....." home of Harold's Chicken, Reggio's Pizza, Maxwell Polish and Stepping Music. I was always tall for my age (currently 6'2) so I naturally was really never picked on, and surprisingly I never picked on anybody. I kinda felt sorry for people so I was always somebodies bodyguard. Twinkies, cookies, sandwiches, candy were my payments, HA! I always got in trouble for taking things around the house and trying to make something out of them. So my creative bug was present really early. The first time I watched a cooking show and learned how to make dough, oh THAT WAS IT!!! I was making sculptures and trying to bake it in the oven [without permission] flour EVERYWHERE!!! Smh!!

My goal in life was to become an artist. I wanted to be a painter, move to New York and have gallery shows......THAT'S IT, THAT'S ALL!!! That didn't roll over to well with my dad who DRILLED me to become a nurse. I don't even like papers cuts how can I handle being a nurse. So I was determined to be what I wanted to be.

In High School:
I was pretty quiet I would say, I played basketball and I want to believe that was all people really knew about me. Basketball was my LIFE. Was pretty good at it [I mean I was 6'2 at that time, I BETTER had been, right?!]. So good in fact it landed me a basketball scholarship....WHOOOHOOOO INDEPENDENCE!!!! I couldn't wait to go to college and get away.

In College:
This was interesting, lol!!! All I remember is class, practice, work, sleep, game, sleep, practice, class, game, practice, practice, practice. Oh and maybe an occasional party, teehehehe ;) I met a lot of great people during this stage of my life, people I still keep in contact and cherish to this day. To shorten this section up because it's more like a novel.....I played ball, went to class, had two boyfriends (and no not at the same time), went to work, went to work some more....decided to torture myself even more and went to Graduate school, went to work, went to work, slept somewhere in there....aaannnnddd went to work. So with all that being said I came out with a B.A in Graphic Design, M.S. in Computer Science and member of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA INCORPORATED [SKEEEE-WEEEE].

Because I'm getting tired of hearing about myself.......Went thru a really rough time in 2006 when I was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids. I was misdiagnosed twice before they found out what was causing me so much pain and monthly emergency room visits. This had to be the WORST two years of my life. I left like everything I worked so hard for was just being sucked away because of this illness. I was in so much pain I was on 4 different pain meds, which hindered me working full time, which meant no health insurance. I worked as a freelancer when I wasn't bent over in pain to make a living and survive. By the grace of God I was able to get medical assistance for my surgery in 2008. Surgery went  great however, I was told there was a strong possibility I wouldn't be able to have children or I would need fertility assistance. As a woman, who is supposed to produce children, I took this very hard. But I had to pick myself back up and get my life back on track, so I continued to work for myself freelancing.

Now residing in DC, It's been about 5 years now since I moved here and I can honestly tell you I still know ABSOLUTELY nothing about this area besides how to get to work, the store, the gym, daycare and home. Haven't really ventured out anywhere, but I plan to.

I was doing some contracting work which is what brought me to the area. Once the job was over the employer liked my work so much that they wanted me to stay and offered me a full time position....WHO CAN PASS THAT UP!! So I accepted! My co-workers became like my "little family" and I really enjoyed being at my job....(SHUT THE FRONT DOOR)....I know I know!!!!

I started getting into kickboxing and traditional boxing, it was GREAT!!!! Anyone I wanted to punch in real life I just took it out on that heavy bag!!! Then somewhere between work and punching heavy bags A MIRACLE HAPPENED.....Jesus told me to put down the gloves and pick up a diaper bag, LOL!!! Croix was born July 19, 2011, 8lbs 8oz, 23 1/2 inches long to ME!!!! STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT SOMETIMES!!!! He is the absolute BEST THING that has ever happened to me, no sports achievement, no degree, no job has EVER given me as much JOY has he has. I thank God for him every day!! Every day is a new experience a new journey. I get so excited about it that I pretty much documented his whole first year of life on my Facebook page, lol. Which is what motivated me to start this blog. Croix is DEFINITELY his mother's child, being the size of a 3 year old at age ONE!!!!  He LOVES corn on the cob, and will pretty much eat everything you put in front of him.

His favorite shows are Sesame Street, Super Why and The Goodnight Show. He wears a 2T [YES you read that correctly]. He waves Hi and Bye and has the BIGGEST BRIGHTEST SMILE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!! A few words I say to him on a daily basis are NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, PUT THAT DOWN, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, GET OUT OF THERE, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AND I LOVE YOU :)

I wanted to share my blessing and my joy with all of you :) CROIX IS SPECIAL, and I know everyone feels like that about their child, but being thru EVERYTHING, and I mean EV-ER-RE-THING, that I have just to have this beautiful, smart, charming little boy you will see what I feel.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our journey.

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