28 August 2012

Operation BIG Boy Room is in FULL EFFECT!!!

Pleased to announce Croix's Big Boy Room will be Toy Story Themed. Soooooo excited about this project. I'm going to let my creativity shine through. There are going to be a lot little fun surprises. I first introduced Croix to the movie on my iPad while we were on a plane headed for Chicago. Definitely caught his interest and kept him occupied, THANK GOD! Plus I can never get tired of watching it myself, lol.

Here are a few sneak peek items I purchased. More updates to follow :)


16 August 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEE ;)

Another year older, another year wiser and another year of a thousand hairstyles, lol. I am truly blessed to have accomplished so much in my life and to be able to wake up everyday and begin a new day of life with my son. Your never too old to learn new things or to refresh the things you have already learned, lol. I will share a few with you.

1. God is awesome: Not that I didn't already know that but he brought me thru ALOT!!!
2. Kids are expensive when they belong to you, HAHAHA!
3. Coupons have purpose.
4. Motherhood has brought back out my crafty side.
5. Baby socks mysteriously walk away.
6. You can no longer eat anything by yourself anymore.
7. No matter what stage of your life you are parenting is hard work.
8. Banana's mashed together with a chicken nugget that your son feeds you tastes HORRIBLE, but smile anyway.
9. Not everyone understands your new journey, and its ok, they just have a new purpose.
10. "Reality" TV, CRACKS ME UP!!!
11. Caillou is a spoiled little boy that annoys me sometimes (anyone with kids understands, lol)
12. I predict that Zendaya Coleman will be the next Disney Child star to catch the Lindsay Lohan Syndrome. She a little too grown for my liking, lol.
13. The word "Family" is not to be used loosely.
14. The Kardashian's just keep multiplying, smh! We will never be rid of them!
15. My best friend is a one year old, HAHA!
16. Merlot cures all elements!!
17. Restaurants where KIDS EAT FREE!!!! WHAATTT!!! Have you seen my son???? LOL!
18. Elmo has MAD SWAG!!! lol
19. Lebron James is even MORE AMAZING then last year!!! Hehehehe!

and #20.........
Unconditional Love is REAL!!!!! :)

Thank you for all the well wishes on my birthday friends and family. It is greatly appreciated :)

13 August 2012


CONGRATULATIONS goes out to my boo LEBRON JAMES on his Olympic Gold Medal win against Spain. Your first NBA Championship and now Olympic Champion!!! This is definitely your year. LUV YA BOO!! ;) lol

12 August 2012

Choo-Choo Trolley

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!! Croix and I went to the Wheaton Regional Park to ride the Carousel and Trolley Train. It was really cute, and its a great park overall. I really appreciate family friendly things and this WHOLE park was definitely constructed around that. I might have to look into this park for Croix's second birthday party (hint, hint). We started out on the carousel and that was really fun. Now remember this is my first child so I haven't been on something that just spins you in a circle in YEARS, so it made me kind of dizzy. Thank god they didn't go too fast. Croix and I rode in one of the buggie seats.

Croix was looking like "What in the world is this place" lol, but after one circle around he was excited.

We then made our way over to the Trolley Train. Croix being the personable person he is already made two friends and shared his cracker with one of the little boys in line. Its so funny that there is this universal language between moms. While waiting for the train, another mother and I started talking about nap times, baby snacks, diapers, first words....lol. It was great conversation. Mommy-hood is so damn fun :)

Croix REALLY loved the Trolley. The only thing that almost made me want to jump off the train was on trail where two deers chilling eating leaves. Any anyone that knows me KNOWS I CAN'T STAND DEERS!!!! All stems back to an old college memory, that I REFUSE to relive.....So moving on....lol.....it was a beautiful trail.

When we got off the Trolley we headed over to the park area that was SOOOOOOO nice, When I say this park was nice, this park was NICE!!!!! They had this huge area for the older kids that had huge slides, climbing stations, and swings that looked like roller coaster rides. The baby/toddler section had everything in a tiny version, it even had a sand pit for the kids to play in. I wasn't ready for that one, so I didn't let Croix play in there. Didn't want sand all up in the car, lol. He did get on his favorite thing in the park. Isn't he cute? :)

I love moments like this. The smile on his face just brightens my whole world. I love this little boy so much. It was a great adventure on a beautiful day :)

11 August 2012

Best Darn Toy Ever!!!

Hands Down the Fisher Price Step n Play Piano is the best toy ever. Croix got if for Christmas last year and it has been a life saver. There are music keys on the top and bottom of the play station. The swivel chair helped Croix play with both sides of the toy and helped him be nosey all at the same time, lol. When they start to get more mobile the seat pops off and they can stand and play. Here's a few stages of Croix and his favorite toy.


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this special announcement!!!!! :)

09 August 2012

Fun at the Park

Croix had some fun time at the park this past weekend. Rockin his little fro he inherited from mommy :). He really loves the park and I can already tell he is going to be one of those little boys that I have to keep a supply of band aids, lol! He likes to go down the slide then try to climb back up the slide. And its funny because he doesn't get anywhere, but he just insists, lol! I thought about getting on the slide with him but then I looked at the slide and they don't make them like they use to. I don't think my hips would fit, HAHA! Plus back in my day we had metal slides, and those slides you needed brake pads for because I remember FLYING down. These new aged slides are all plastic. My butt and a plastic slide is not going to work out. However, what I did realize is that I'm going to need some knee pads because climbing thru tubes and little jungle gym things is not going to work. So based of this outing I have begun hitting the gym again. Wish me luck :) Here are a few pictures of Croix's fun.

04 August 2012

My Lollipop Bouquet

My first featured crafting project :) I made this lollipop bouquet for Croix's daycare provider. She is the absolute best and she is so great with Croix. I really wanted to do something nice and fun at the same time. What do you think :) ?

The mess before the finale. I get all my supplies and things from Dollar Tree most times or if I come across the dollar section at Target I ALWAYS load up on things I think I might use for a project.

I placed one of those floral fillers in the bottom of the tin bucket and started filling in the suckers. I used brown paper strips to fill in between the suckers for a fun way of mimicing dirt.

annnnnnd BAM!! All filled in.

I bought the Happy Birthday balloon from the dollar store as well, and made two paper balloons to write my message on them. Add some ribbon and..........

FINISHED PROJECT :) Getting Old SUCKS......Get it???? Sucks......Suckers???? LOL! Wrote her name on the chalk board part of the bucket and packaged it all up in a little brown bag I decorated. She loved it :) So my project was a success :)

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Croix Getting His Lebron On

I was minding my business cleaning up his mess from yesterday (yes I said yesterday) and I looked over and Croix was playing basketball! TALK ABOUT EXCITED!!!!! I ran for my iphone to record this milestone....he was sooooo cute.
Check him out!

01 August 2012

Welcome To Our Blog :)

Hi everyone!

My name is Lateasa (Designer Mama) and my handsome Croix (the Manchild), would like to welcome you to our blog. I decided to start a blog in honor of my son's first year of life and my first year at being a first time mom. We have so many family and friends across the states that I wanted to share a bit of our little world. You don't have phone time like you use to when you have a one year old running around, lol. Anywho, thanks for visiting and we hope you subscribe to our blog. Click on our video and enjoy :)