17 September 2012

Pre-Planned Meals - TIME SAVER TIPS


Sometimes Time is NOT on your side, ESPECIALLY with kids!!! When I leave work to pick up Croix from daycare, I immediately would start to make his dinner. In most cases, well in ALL cases, he is not very patient with me when he is hungry, lol. But I wanted to make sure he was eating enough food that he was satisfied and getting his essentials. Sooooo what I do now is every Sunday evening I cook and prepare his food for the week and package them in containers. I store them in the fridge so when I come home I can pop one in the microwave and BAM!!! I'm DONE! This has been such a time saver and I am able to spend at least an hour more of quality time with him before he goes to bed :)

Here are a few of my combinations:


Mixed Veggies and Beef Ravioli


Chicken Nuggets, Tatter Tots and Homemade Creme Corn


Corn on the Cob and Homemade Chili Mac w/ Wheat Penne


Homemade Creme Corn (he LOVES corn, lol) and Homemade
Chicken and Broccoli w/ Brown Rice


Beef Pigs in Blanket w/ Green Beans
After each meal I give him a cup of juice or milk and were off to bath time. Whatever I make that's left over I either eat some for myself or freeze it for another day. I'm working on some new combinations this week, so I will keep you posted. It really has been a time saver. You might want to try it out with your little ones :)



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