26 September 2012

I Name You BIG Linus!

So I have given Croix the nickname BIG Linus, lol! Back in the day there use to be a cartoon called Charlie Brown. In the show there was Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy and a host of friends. One of his friends, Linus Van Pelt, was incredibly intelligent for his age but would walk around with his blue blanket for security. Well......Croix and his blanket are like BFF's. It's so funny because he will go get his blanket and throw it over his head and walk around, CLEARLY can't see a thing, but I swear that boy has no fear! He will lay it on the floor ANYWHERE and lay on it when he is sleepy. I have even caught him dancing with the thing, lol.

See the resemblance?

Isn't he CUTE!!! :)

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