26 September 2012

Big Boy's New Big Chair

This is car seat number THREE for Croix. His infant car seat, that didn't last very long because even though he was an infant his body was NEVER infant like, lol! Then we had a smaller but not so big Convertible one that my co-worker gave me and now this ULTRA PLUSH seat that looks better then my own driver seat! Lol. He was starting to look like a hot dog in a hot dog bun in his second seat, his head was hitting the top of the seat and his straps wouldn't extend any longer so it was time. So I pick this one up at Target, its the Maestro™ Combination Booster Car Seat, Goldenrod.

It adjusts as they grow and let me tell you this boy is GROWING!!! My one year old wears a 2T!!!! The reviews were pretty good and the material feels really good. It has 2 detachable cup holders, which I really like because I can put snacks in one and his drink cup in the other. And I like how it blends nicely with my seat color. He rode in it for the first time yesterday and he was looking at it like "Heeeeyyyyy now this is alright!!!!" Lol.

Check em out!

Then we went BACK to Target because I forgot something, lol. We manage to have fun where ever we go!




  1. thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and leaving your comments - I am SUPER EXCITED that you sponsored a child!!!! totally made my day to read that!!! :)

    your son is adorable by the way :)

    1. No Thank you Angie, I can't wait to receive my packet with her information. :) I am really excited....and Thank you about my son, he is my little pride and joy :)