09 August 2012

Fun at the Park

Croix had some fun time at the park this past weekend. Rockin his little fro he inherited from mommy :). He really loves the park and I can already tell he is going to be one of those little boys that I have to keep a supply of band aids, lol! He likes to go down the slide then try to climb back up the slide. And its funny because he doesn't get anywhere, but he just insists, lol! I thought about getting on the slide with him but then I looked at the slide and they don't make them like they use to. I don't think my hips would fit, HAHA! Plus back in my day we had metal slides, and those slides you needed brake pads for because I remember FLYING down. These new aged slides are all plastic. My butt and a plastic slide is not going to work out. However, what I did realize is that I'm going to need some knee pads because climbing thru tubes and little jungle gym things is not going to work. So based of this outing I have begun hitting the gym again. Wish me luck :) Here are a few pictures of Croix's fun.

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