27 June 2013

1st Birthday Party Reminicising.....come walk with me!! :)

Where has the time gone??? In preparing for Croix's 2nd Thomas the Train themed birthday party. I started reminiscing on his progress over the past year. Two weeks after his first birthday he started walking and now he is running around and jumping off everything fearlessly, lol. All the words he has learned, the sentences he can say clearly, he's in the process of being potty trained.......he is just growing up so fast right before my eyes *TEARS*, lol. I held the party in my hometown of Chicago, so it was his first plane ride from DC. Which was extremely interesting. I had everything I could think of with me in preparation for the worst. I so did not want to be one of those parents with the screaming child on the plane. Luckily for me Croix did very well arriving, returining......mmmmm.....it was so-so! lol. He kept wanting to touch and talk to the person sitting next to us with slobby wet hands. I had to keep offering the man wipes and apologizing, lol. Glad he was understanding. Also there is the situation of flying with a child in your lap. All babies less then 2 years old can ride for free in your lap. Now, that's great for some, but here were the challenges I faced.

1. I'm 6'2!! Before having Croix my goal was to always sit in the exit rows on all flights. All tall people can relate to this. When you have babies with you, say bye bye to the exit rows. Your back to stiff knees.

2. Croix at age one was already the size of a two year old. So just imagine my big self in a seat with a two year old on my lap in a window seat.......yeah not comfortable

3. Now picture Croix not being able to sit still......now picture us both trying to sleep..........lol.

4. Beverage Time! I think I will order a ginger ale....."Thank you, ma'am" now go to set it on your tray.......Tray?! What Tray? You have no room to put the damn tray down....now your holding your drink and trying to hold a baby that keeps slobbing on the person next to you. HAHA!

Extremely challenging but when we finally arrived it was so worth seeing all my family and friends. I had so much funny designing and planning his first birthday party and I can't wait to have his 2nd party next month. I thought I would share with you a recap of his 1st Sesame Street Soiree party. <------Click there. Enjoy :)


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