30 July 2012

Croix's 1st Year Sesame Street Soiree

My baby is 1!!!! I HAVE A ONE YEAR OLD!!! I can't believe it. I am so proud. Croix just lights up my life :) This was my first time planning any kind of party and I think it turned out very well. His party was held at my mothers in Chicago. This was his first of many visits back to mommy's hometown. I custom made all of his decorations and had sooooo much fun making everything. Here are a few pictures of this big day.

My bosses wife custom made his shirt for him and I ordered his shoes from Converse. I bought an inflatable kiddie pool and filled it with balls for Croix and my 1 year old nephew to have an area of there own. I think they appreciated it. I know I did because I didn't have to hold him so much, he is HEAVY!!! lol.

Later we got in the moon bounce and had some mommy son fun time :)

This moon bounce was A LOT of fun and a hit with the kids AND some of the adults. The company  I used was Giggles and  Jumps. EXCELLENT service and very reasonable prices. The owner was soooooo nice, definitely will do business with her again. Check out there website.

Custom cupcake stands and cupcake toppers courtesy of MEEEEEE :) so happy how they turned out.

Look at my baby!!!! This is one of his 1st year pictures. I had them placed in his custom frame on a few of the tables. His party decorations turned out so well. I got a lot of compliments and a few inquires about making some custom items for a few people. Hmmmmmmm did I just tap into another possible trade????? We shall see ;)

I also had a photo garland of all his pictures from birth til 12 months. It was so precious to see his growth and transformations over the year. He has grown SO much. Grown so much in fact he wears a 2T......CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!
A one year old in a 2T......can you say FUTURE ATHLETE!!! ;) I will be his BIGGEST FAN!! :)

It was a great day Thank you to all that came and supported his Big Day :)

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