30 July 2012

My First Year Experiences as a First Time Mom

1.   Formula is DAMN EXPENSIVE!!

Croix drank Gerber Good start, which I think is great formula. It didn't give me any problems. I was buying TWO containers of formula (one for home and daycare) every 1 1/2 weeks since he was 6 weeks old at an average of $23 a container........yeah YOU DO THE MATH!!! CHA-CHING!!!




Good ole SLEEP, smh!! WHAT IS THAT?? I was delirious for the first 5 months of Croix's life! lol. Then you sloooowwlly but surely get use to it. Then you find yourself going to bed at like 9pm. And once this happens you will never be the same again. No more staying up late and don't try to have a girls night out. If the party gets poppin at 10pm your ready to pass out by 9:45pm, lol.

3.   So THIS is what coupons do!

I have NEVER appreciated coupons until I became a mother. I don't care if its $1.00 OFF that's a $1.00 in your pocket, gas tank or TOWARDS THE DAMN EXPENSIVE formula in #1.

4.   The Baby Bullet saves $$$

All you non-believers out there, speaking to those that know me. EVERYONE doubted my baby food making abilities and LOOK, Croix made it out just fine, HA! But this was the best thing, This helped me save a TON of money doing it myself, and it wasn't that time consuming. To me its totally worth it regardless of price because your feeding your baby the healthy way.

5.   Wine is your friend.

This is where the coupons come in handy and making your own baby food, because for every bottle, Mommy needs a glass of wine!!! Merlot was my BEST FRIEND!!! Call it what you want, this is a necessity and I would recommend it to ALL MOTHERS....for every bottle pour ya self a glass of wine!!! lol.

6.   High Heels vs. Flats...WHO WINS!!!

Me and heels have a love hate relationship now. They look realllllll good in my closet but I had a saying, "IF IT AIN'T FLAT, THAT AIN'T WHERE ITS AT!" I didn't want to put my foot in anything that wasn't level with the floor. Comfort is your friend! If there is a high heel shoe in close proximity to my foot by any means, my foot will kick that damn shoe across the room, lol. I've had a few long talks with my feet because this can't carry on forever, lol.

7.   There is no more "Running to the store real quick"

Hmmm, you remember you needed some mustard so you proceed to go to the store. A trip that would normally take 5 minutes now takes about HALF A DAMN HOUR. You gotta prepare the diaper bag, make a bottle, put clothes on you and the baby, put the baby in the car seat, load the baby, drive to the store, get out the car, get the diaper bag, unload the baby, find a cart, but the car seat in the cart, find the mustard, baby cries, feed the baby, go to checkout .......... I hated going to the store.


GET THAT BABY ON SCHEDULE!!!! OMG....HANDS DOWN saved my life. I know Croix's pattern like the back of my hand. Its sooooo much easier, the only problem I found was that when your use to being on a schedule and you go out of town or something and your schedule is altered, it makes a crank baby and mommy. Which is why I like being at home, lol.

9.   You appreciate One Stop Shopping.

Two words: SUPER WALMART *drops the mic, walks of the stage*

10. Motherhood: Best Damn Job In The World.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING A MOM! It is the most fulfilling thing in the world and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for it. :)


  1. Girl!!! I stumbled upon your blog today and all I can say is...IM IN LOVE!!! This post, in particular, is 100% on point! Love it!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned more good stuff to come :)