07 September 2012

Mama's Mushy Moment #1: Seven Hats.....One Big Ole Head!!

Yaaayyy my first mushy moment of my blog.  I was wondering how long it would before I felt the urge to post something, lol.

You ever just feel unbalanced? How do you prioritize so many roles for one person? Some already have a mandatory top rank like being a MOTHER!!! How do you possibly manage them all and still keep your sanity and have time for yourself? So I decided to write mine down and here they are in no particular order EXCEPT #1:

1. Mother
2. Daughter
3. Sister
4 .Marketing Director
5. Creative Freelance Designer
6. Friend
7. Head of Household

I personally think I need a "ME" button to press from time to time, however I don't know when I will be able to press it, lol. Being a single parent is so demanding! A lot of the support you would normally get from your significant other isn't there. And even if you have a good relatioship with your childrens father and he is active in there lives, that day to day partnership is still support needed. Sometimes support from your own family isn't quite there as well. So here you are with this little person who is just looking at you.....like "Sooooooo what we doing mommy?" lol. All my energy and time really goes toward my son. I focus my energy at work when I am at work and my son gets EVERYTHING ELSE!!! And guess what? I am TOTALLY FINE WITH IT :) Sometimes it gets overwhelming I will admit it can break you down and bring you to tears, but once the tears dry somehow a new plan manifests itself. At least that has been my experience so far.

As long as you understand your roles, you can't worry about others that don't.

My #1 priority is my son. You would be surprised how some may not understand that. To me its common sense. But lately common sense isn't so common these days. In result sometimes you lose friends.....sometimes you lose family......sometimes you have to find a new job that understands your roles. When you become a parent.....YOUR LIFE CHANGES!!!! Not just a little, A WHOLE LOT!!! Your goals change, your dreams change, your visions change, hell your wardrobe changes, comfort is your new BFF, lol. So many things change that your dynamics with people shift. But like the old saying goes...."Some people are in you life for a reason, a season and a life time..." I've learned to appreciate it for what was and stay focused on my reason for living.......my son :)

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  1. I love it Teasa!! N u r right everything changes n those ppl who can't except the changes will disperse n thts fine with me we didn't need them n e way!!!;*)