31 October 2012

Happy Halloween Decor

Happy Halloween people! Very grateful because it almost wasn't a very happy anything. Hurricane Sandy came for a little visit and really did some damage. Luckily Croix and I are safe and no real damage was done. However, New York and New Jersey weren't so lucky. My prayers go out to all that are suffering from the storm.

On a lighter note, just wanted to share with you my Halloween Decor for our house. Its been up all month, and yes I'm just know posting it, forgive me :)



annnndddd After

I made these centerpieces with some branches I collected from outside and paired them with these glitter swirl sticks I picked up at Michaels. It was a huge bundle for like $3. Then I filled it with that nasty candy corn, lol. I can't stand to eat it, but it sure looks pretty in my vase. I also got some halloween lights and wrapped them around the self made mantle, patio door and additional living room window.


This is our door wreath. I decorate it differently for the seasons and holidays.

Can't wait to take Croix Trick or Treating today. He is going to look so cute in his costume. More pictures to come later ;)


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