06 February 2013


Ok, I know I'm late, but I've been unvoluntarily busy.....this is my first official post of 2013......HAPPY NEW YEEAAAARRR and all that good stuff, lol. Didn't do anything fancy for New Years. I had a New Years party right at home with me and Croix, lol. Then I tried to keep him up till Midnight, and he gave it a fighting chance. But he crashed at 11:45 pm. He tried, lol! So I made a few resolutions this year for myself and they go alittle something like this:

1.  Start back working out on a consistent schedule.
2.  Start my very own Event Design business.
3.  Play in a recreation basketball league.
4.  Take a REAL vacation somewhere with Croix.
5.  Devote more time for myself to have an actual social life.
6.  Celebrate my birthday (sounds wierd, but I really never do anything on my birthday)
7.  Continue steps to become a homeowner.

........Thats about all I got, nothing to fancy, lol. Check out a few photos of our NYE EXTRAVAGANZA!! Lol


Hope your NYE was just as fun as ours! :)

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