10 February 2013


YO GABBA GABBA, YO GABBA GABBA, YO GABBA GABBAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.........Ok now that I got that out my system, lol. Croix and I went to see Yo Gabba Gabba : Get the Sillies out and it was a GREAT SHOW!!! Highly recommend it to all parents. It was colorful, the music was fun, there was lots of dancing. We went to the Modell Performing Arts Center in Baltimore, MD. They had paper confetti shooting from the ceiling, bubbles being blown. It really was a great show. All the kids were super excited including Croix. I can't wait to take him to see other shows like this. He really enjoyed himself and so did I, seeing him happy makes me happy :).  Enjoy a few photos from our show.

Posing for mommy in his Yo Gabba shirt


Getting settled waiting for the show to start. Pretty good seats huh?




Can you see the confetti?


Check out Croix getting is groove on


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