13 February 2013

Random Acts of Kindness : V-Day Style

Valentine's Day is approaching.........I hear a few "YAAAAY's" and some "BOOOOOO's" lol! But lets look at this in an universal way shall we.....Valentine's day isn't just for couples, its for everyone. Why not take this opportunity to do a random act of kindness?? Kindness is best and most genuine when it's least expected. Surprise someone in your life or a complete stranger with fun random acts of kindness and watch how excited they become. I listed a few things and pulled a few things together that I saw online just for some examples:

Give valentine cards anonymously. Everyone loves being loved. Bring cheer to someones day by mailing or secretly handing out valentine cards, but keep it to yourself whom it's from.

Donate time to a local charity. Those who hurt the most need the most encouragement. Use Valentine's Day to volunteer for a local community charity, nursing home, soup kitchen, or homeless center. (Also consider donating money or unused items.)

Send flowers to a stranger. If you have someone in your office, group, or organization that needs a boost up but you don't know personally, why not send them flowers to brighten his or her day?

Buy (or bake) for someone else. Are you planning to go out to eat at a restaurant or shopping for groceries for a nice Valentine's dinner? Buy someone else's meal or pay for the person after you in line at the store. If you know someone in need, cook a dinner or bake a treat and hand-deliver it.

Hug (or call) a family member. Hug a relative you know has been struggling lately or is lonely. Are you not geographically close? Call them and tell them you are thinking about them. Offer to help or just be a listening ear.

Show extra consideration. Give up your spot in line. Offer your seat to someone else. Explain something twice graciously. Forgive accidents. Compliment a friend or loved one. Help an injured or elderly person.

Take out an appreciated person. Treat someone you really appreciate on a daily basis to a nice dinner out on the town. Tell him how helpful he is to you and how much he matters.

Babysit for a busy couple. Help give quiet time to a married couple or SINGLE PARENT (single parents need love too, lol) you know by offering to babysit on Valentine's Day. They'll likely seize the opportunity and be very grateful!

Thank a teacher. This applies to a school teacher, daycare provider or even the basketball coach. Send a friendly email or letter of appreciation to them. Better yet, give them a call to say thank you.

Of course, the list of acts of kindness is endless. You are only limited by your imagination when showing love and care to others around you. True kindness comes from the heart. Think of ways you can help others, and put the needs of others first this Valentine's Day. As the saying goes, "It's better to give than to receive," so I say lets try it out.

I did a Random Valentine's Day Act of Kindness today for my neighbor. I made her a goodie bag of Hersey's kisses and hung it from her door knob so she will be surprised when she gets home. Take a look below. I made a cute little card and BAM!!! Random act of kindness :)


What will you do? :)


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