14 February 2013

Valentine's Day Decor

Ok......don't kill me I waaaayy late with this post, but I had to post it. I recently added working out to my already hectic schedule and literally pass out even faster, lol. I wanted to share my holiday decor with you guys. I switched up my gallery wall a bit and added a few new pieces. I love it, I think I may add a few more things but I have to be inspired.

Valentine's Day was great! I took Croix out on a a date to this really good Mexican restaurant, I made homemade heart donuts for my co-workers and Croix made the cutest card at daycare. What can I say I'm a lucky mama :)

Here is old layout


and here is the NEW layout


and WHAALLAA......


I made this Valentine's Mailbox, so we can make Valentine's and "send" them to each other, lol! :)


isn't my little card cute!!!


in the words of Croix "Mmmmmm YUMMY"

xoxo ;)

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