06 April 2013

Easter Decor & Fun

So I totally don't feel bad posting my Easter recap late, considering the fact that Easter is always in April soooooooo, lol. Easter was so much fun. Between decorating, Easter treats, making baskets and Easter egg hunts I don't know were to start. But let me attempt.......First I decorated of course :)


Then I made Easter treats for Croix's daycare friends...
THEN I made Croix's Easter basket and prepared our eggs for our Easter hunt...

I put stickers, crackers and a few pieces of candy (mostly for myself, lol) in the eggs and then I put alphabet letters on them and had our little own alphabet egg hunt. When we finished finding all the eggs I planted around the house we put them in order and sang the alphabet song :)

Croix's Easter Basket:
Bunny Ears, Elmo Potty Coloring book, 8 Jumbo Crayons, Cars Keys, Bunny Cookie, Mr. Froggy and an Iron Man glow stick.
THEEEEENNNN Croix put on his Easter outfit and we hit up the town for our other Easter egg hunts.
I believe this about sums it all up, lol! Extremely eventful day.

Happy Belated Easter XOXO,



  1. Your place has all the details that I imagine in my head but never bring to life. I love it!

    1. Thank you :) and Thanks for subscribing :) Been trying to work on that part of blogging, lol.