13 April 2013

My 1st Aquarium Visit

Some friends and I took Croix to Aquarium in Baltimore a few weeks ago for the first time. Our first stop was Bubba Gump's on the harbor.....OMG it was great. Croix really enjoyed his mac and cheese and all the food on everyone else's plate, lol!

Next stop the Aquarium. He was really amazed. His two favorite words throughout the whole visit was "Ewwwww" and "Whooooaaa" lol! And his cute little finger was pointing at everything. Here are a few candid moments of our trip.

This was a huge stingray.

It was feeding time in the tank. He took a break to wave to Croix.

Look at his reflection in the tank, priceless!



In the sharks mouth, lol!

He was trying to reach for the monkey's. Thanks Tina for being his guard rail, lol! 

It was a great trip and we had a great time. Thanks to my friend for the candid shots. Unfortunately, we don't get too many of those being that its just us. I'm always the photographer.
xoxo ;)

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